Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Diet: Day 1

I forgot to publish this yesterday, so I figured I would play catch up. On Monday, December 12th, I started my diet once again. I'm not really end to trendy shit when it comes to diets, mainly because it does not work. I'm counting calories...that's it.

My target is 1700 per day, give or take. Actually, my calorie app estimated that I could do well over 2000 per day and lose weight but I think that's crap. Besides, my system is all jacked up, since my body is fighting my nervous system issues, so I don't lose weight like a "normal" person would. I gave to get a touch more extreme.

So anyways, I clocked in at 1720 yesterday. Not bad I guess. So far today, 936 for breakfast & lunch, so we'll see where I end up at 7:00 pm (I never eat after 7).

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